Having tried different odd jobs since I was a teenager and living in different countries, people always asked me “what do you really enjoy?” And reporters are confused if I’m an actress, writer, director, producer, trainer, publicist…

I experience joy and magic whenever I work with words. Whether I am writing a book, column, script, speech or even SOP (as strange as it may sound), it brings me happiness! Public speaking, emceeing, training, directing videos or films are the next level of playing with words, so they are equally fun to me.

While I’m not a teenager anymore (my psychological and biological age are still like a teenager ha!), I’ve learned to do what I love and love what I do. This is how we embrace the process and produce quality work.

Buy local, speak global! I have conducted fitness and wellness classes or webinars at various Fortune 500, global companies as well as non-profit organizations including Dow Jones, Hewlett Packard, GSK, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, UBS, CTBC, Aon, Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, China Telecom, Vibram, Calvin Klein Performance, Hong Kong Cancer Fund, HelpMeSee. I welcome any opportunity to share my personal and work stories to inspire the audience.

Let’s produce some magic together.

-Angie Palmer (Angie P. 小帕), based in Hong Kong, China