It’s been a roller coaster ride for the last 10 years. I’m thankful for the experiences at the United States Air Force bases, I’m grateful for the gift of cancer, and I appreciate all the opportunities that the community has given me. Through the road of recovery via a pure vegan diet and exploration among painful obstacles, I found light and joy in life. Liberation came when I gave up the psychology PhD study after 3 years, my Hong Kong apartment, a few toxic relationships and the stable corporate job. There were many unknowns but everything fell into place when I trusted the universe…and my gut.

We do need money to survive in this commercial world but our happiness and wellbeing don’t have to be compromised and polluted by the superficial things humans created. Because of this belief, I created the non-profit YouTube channel V Girls Club, wrote the book Veganastic 《營男素女》 (now available in Commercial Press and JP Books), founded Positiv Wellness to help people restore balance in their lives with exercise and food, gave wellness talks and shared my cancer healing story, directed different microfilms and videos like New Start 《新起點》, Beyond 24 《彼岸24》, Neither Heaven Nor Hell 《同一個天空 不同的世界》.

Having successfully reversed cancer without surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, I stand firmly by the whole food, plant-based lifestyle. I’m eternally grateful to Eriyah Flynn, Dr. Collin Campbell and Dr. Pam Popper who changed my life because of their work, and their kindness. They passed on this precious gift and knowledge to me and I vowed to pass it on to those who are searching for answers, something that is beyond the commercial solutions.

*Spoken at various Fortune 500, global companies as well as non-profit organizations including Dow Jones, Standard Chartered, UBS, CTBC, Aon, Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, Facebook, Ove & Arup, Hogan Lovells, China Telecom, Vibram, Calvin Klein Performance, 10/10 Hope, YMCA Hong Kong, Hong Kong Cancer Fund, HelpMeSee.*

*Some education and certifications including Master in Management, Diploma in Tourism Management, Japanese Language Proficient Test Level 1, various theater and acting training, Vibram fitness trainer & barefoot running coach, ANIMAL FLOW instructor, Polestar Pilates, EBFA Barefoot Training Specialist, AASFP Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer, AASFP Stretch Trainer, AASFP Distance Running Instructor, AASFP Children & Adolescent Fitness Trainer, TRX trainer, bbarreless instructor.*

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我們確實是生存於一個商業世界中,但我們的幸福不必受到一些表面和膚淺的事物所限制和污染。由於這種信念,我創建了非牟利的YouTube頻道V Girls Club,寫了一本名為《營男素女》(於商務印書館及三聯書店有售),創立了Positiv Wellness幫助都市人利用運動和素食重現身心靈的平衡,在不同的健康講座分享我的癌症自癒故事和健康生活的要訣,編導不同的微電影和視頻,譬如《新起點》,《彼岸24》,《同一個天空 不同的世界》。

十年前在無手術、無化療的情況下,利用純素飲食成功逆轉癌症。從此以後我堅持以全食物的純素飲食為基礎的生活方式。我對Eriyah Flynn,Collin Campbell博士和Pam Popper博士致以無限的感激,因為他們的研究和對我的關愛而改變了我的人生。他們將這份寶貴的禮物和知識傳遞了給我,我立志要把它傳遞給有需要的人。

*曾在多個財富世界500強,國際企業和慈善機構開班和演講,包括道瓊斯,渣打銀行,瑞士銀行,中國信託商業銀行,怡安,微軟,甲骨文,戴爾,臉書,奧雅納,霍金路偉,中國電信,意大利運動鞋Vibram,美國運動服Calvin Klein Performance,天然產品10/10 Hope,香港基督教青年會,香港癌症基金會和助視會等。*