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“Reliable, punctual, a self starter, and consistently puts 100% effort into anything.” – Kierstin Schupack, White Sands International Film Festival.

“Angie’s first contact with me was to show up at a planned workshop. She was the only person who claimed she had NO experience with Shakespeare and very little acting experience. She proceeded to read a monologue in a clear and sure speaking voice. I cast her on the spot. This was before auditions for Romeo and Juliet. When I told her I wanted her to play a male role as a woman and fight a blistering rapier duel, she said, “Great!” She brings a sort of business-like discipline to rehearsals and her performance in R and J was fantastic. I would cast her again.” – Steve Emerson, Director, Rosebriar Shakespeare Theater.

“We are grateful to be working with someone so competent, proactive, efficient and professional.” – David Branin, Director & Writer, Night Before the Wedding.

“Very professional. Never misses a deadline.” – Mike Becker, Managing Editor, Alamogordo Daily News.

“I’ve worked with Angie on a couple of projects now and she is always a pleasure to have on set.  The energy and dedication she gives to a project complements her talent.”  – Sam Javor, Director & Producer, Cinema Toast Crunch.

“Angie is a strong presence on stage. Whether speaking or merely standing there, she draws the eye.” – Bob Weesner, Critic, Theatre Vault.

“Angie is an exceptionally multi-talented woman. She gives everything to the project be it on the stage or screen or behind the scenes. As an actress she is multi-lingual and versatile. As a producer, she is organised, decisive and determined.” – Harry Oram, Producer/Writer, Bed of Flames Productions

“Angie P. plays Harleen Quinzel’s best friend Dr. Lane, and she’s just getting into acting. But she’s really talented. It’s great to work with her!” – IaBou Windimere, Director & Producer, in an interview with Brant Fowler, Comic Related.

“A very experienced and hardworking writer whom I came in contact with at the White Sands International Film Festival.” – Diana Hay, Photographer, White Sands International Film Festival.

“This year the Festival attracted more than 8,000 people from around Ohio and the adjacent states. Angie co-hosted one of the stage performances, each of which was two and a half hour long. She was well-prepared for the event and did a great job.” – Hong Qiu, Organizer, Chinese Festival 2010.

“I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Angie, on my winning of a film award in Alamogordo, New Mexico. I had noticed her working around the film festival, even before I met her personally. I saw a very dedicated, focused and enthusiastic person, with an eye for detail and an incredible amount of research. Apart from being a true professional, she is also a very pleasant person to be around.” – Klaus Hjuler, Director, Dynamic Pictures.

“I’ve worked with Angie on several film projects and each time she it has been a great experience in partnering up and collaborating with her. As an actress, she has done a great job of preparing and digging deep to give a real and believable performance. As a producer, she has been an invaluable resource. She is dedicated, detailed, determined, and a whole lot of other buzz words that say that she did whatever it took to get our project up and running, finished and on the screen.” – Joe Fiorello, Director, Love Stalk.

“Angie did a great job reporting on activities at the Museum. She is fun to work with, intelligent, energetic and enthusiastic!” – Cathy Harper, Marketing Director, New Mexico Museum of Space History.

“Angie is an awesome reporter and videographer/video editor. She is creative, hard working, professional, and produces great material. I would highly recommend her to any organization, for she will give you 110%!” – Donald Yee, Owner, Everything Alamogordo.